Four for One Free

Target: Regular members, bronze members, silver members, gold members and diamond members

Rights: If an individual cash member of SF Express sends four shipments in every calendar month, he/she will be entitled to send 1 intra-city shipment (1KG) for free.


1. In 3 working days after the shipments are accepted and signed off, the shipper's contact information on waybill shall be the phone number of the member, and the shipper shall be a cash customer. The shipments shall not be credit account or Hive Box shipments;

2 .The longest valid time for getting the gift is the end of next month. (For example, if 4 shipments are sent by March 9th, the gift shall be gotten by April 30.

4. Each member account is entitled to no more than 1 gift in a calendar month.

5. Members can participate via SF's WeChat account (Members’ Privileges).