Gift Redemption

Target: Regular members, bronze members, silver members, gold members and diamond members

Privileges: Members can enjoy privileges such as gift redemption, lottery, redemption in seconds and crowd funding on Reward Points Mall of the Member Platform, or use the reward points for freight charge deduction upon online payment. Please follow SF's WeChat account, bind with your membership, and redeem your gifts on "I" - "Members' Privileges".

1) Redemption in seconds: Starting from 12:00 every Friday. Early come early get. Limited quota.

2) Crowd funding: Spend your reward points to get crowd funding commodities. For successful participation in the crowd funding during the promotion period, results will be unveiled at a designated time. The more (reward points) you spent, the higher the winning probability will be.

3) Lottery: 10 reward points for each lottery draw. Three draws a day. Winning probability at about 80%. Promotion themes and gift designs may vary from month to month.

4) Gift redemption: 100 reward points = RMB 1

5) Freight charge deduction: 100 reward points = RMB 1 (payment online, via WeChat or Alipay supported)