Membership Levels and Growing Value

Introduction to Membership Levels

Registered Membership

Bronze Membership

Silver Membership

Gold Membership

Diamond Membership

Successful registration

Successful registration and growing value > 0

Growing value = 200


Growing value = 1,000

Growing value = 5,000


Ranking Rules

If the actual consumption amount of a member fails to reach the growing value requirement at its membership level within a calendar year, its membership level will be adjusted according to the actual consumption amount in the calendar year.
Growing value = consumption amount of sending and receiving shipments

Introduction of Growing Value

Growing Value: Growing value is acquired cumulatively based on the consumption of sending and receiving shipments. Membership level is determined by the total growing value.
Channels of Acquisition: Members can acquire growing values based on their consumptions of sending and receiving shipments.
Rules of Acquisition:

For sending or receiving a shipment

When sending or receiving a shipment, if a member is the payer, 1 growing value is rewarded for each RMB1 paid. For example, if the member pays RMB 22 for sending a shipment, he/she can acquire 22 growing values upon successful transaction.


  1.    Growing value for consumption of sending or receiving shipments is rewarded only to members that make payments.
  2.    When sending or receiving a shipment, if a member is not the payer, no growing value will be rewarded for the amount of consumption.
  3.    If a user is found to acquire growing values by irregular means such as system attacks or malicious means, his/her growing value will be deducted.