Reward Point Incentives

Introduction of Reward Points

To better repay customers, SF offers the reward point incentives to individual members. From today on, cash customers that register as members are also entitled to reward point incentives, while the original reward point program still applies to credit account customers.


Channel of Acquisition

Members can acquire reward points by sending or receiving shipments, using e-waybill, signing in, meeting monthly shipping quota, and giving service comments.


Rules of Acquisition

Sending or Receiving Shipments

For sending or receiving shipments, 1 reward point is rewarded for each RMB 1 paid.

  1. The contact number of the payer on the shipment waybill shall be the mobile number bound to the account of the individual member.
  2.   Under normal circumstances, reward points will be transferred to the member’s account 7 days after the shipment is accepted by the receiver.

Reward Point Multiplier

1. The privilege is applicable to individual members of SF only when the member is paying for shipping. Credit account customers are not eligible for such reward.

2. Reward points will be credited to the member's account in 7 working days upon signature on the waybill for acceptance.

3. The final reward points = regular reward points (1 reward point for each RMB 1 spent) * 5.

4. The upper limit of the complimentary reward points each time is 500.

For example: Member A successfully sent a shipment. If the total freight charges are RMB 50, the member will get 250 reward points, that is, 50 * 5 = 250


2 reward points will be given to login to SF's website or WeChat account each day; consecutive sign-ins will be given more reward points. For example: 2 points on the 1st day, 4 points on the 2nd day, 6 points on the 3rd day…up to 14 points, at the maximum.

Monthly Quota Reward

Monthly days of sending and receiving shipments refer to the days when a member pays for sending/receiving shipments within a calendar month, but repeated payments on one day will still be counted as one day.  

When a member's monthly days of sending and receiving shipments reach 5 days, 100 reward points will be given. Every 5 days added, every 100 reward points are given. 

The more monthly days of sending and receiving shipments a member has, the more reward points will be given.

Service Comments

Members can log on My SF or SF' WeChat account within 15 days upon occurrence of sending or receiving shipments to give comments for services received, and gain 20 reward points for such behavior.


  1. If a user is found to acquire growing values by irregular means such as system attacks or malicious means, his or her reward points will be deducted.


Gift Redemption

Target: Regular members, bronze members, silver members, gold members and diamond members

Privileges: With reward points accumulated, members can enjoy privilages such as gift redemption, lottery, 9-point redemption and freight deduction upon WeChat payment. Follow SF's WeChat account, bind with membership, and redeem your gifts on "I" - "Members' Privileges" - "Reward Points Mall".

Reward Points Redemption

Log on My SF - “My Reward Points” on the official website or follow SF's WeChat account and enter into the Membership Zone to redeem abundant gifts such as e-coupons of SF Express.

Paying Freight Charges with Reward Points

Members can pay freight charges with reward points once follow SF's WeChat account and bind with membership!

Operational Guidelines on Paying Freight Charges with Reward Points

Reward Point Lottery

Follow SF's official WeChat account and enter into the Membership Zone to participate in reward point lottery.

Valid Term of Reward Points

From January 2016, the reward points acquired in a calendar year will expire on December 31 in the following year.

The reward points acquired in 2015 are cleared on March 31, 2016.