Prohibited or Restricted Items for Local Delivery Parcels

We do not accept/or accept with conditions the following articles for carriage:

  • Arms, simulation weapons, ammunition, controlled knives, and explosive articles.
  • Inflammable articles, explosive articles.
  • Oxidizing agents and peroxides.
  • Narcotic drugs and drug taking tools, stupefacient and psychoactive drugs that are in improper use and precursor chemicals and toxic substances that are in improper use.
  • Biochemical, epidemic and infectious materials.
  • Radioactive substances and radioactive substances.
  • Various propaganda materials that endanger national security and social stability, such as Illegal publications, printed materials, and audio-visual products.
  • Files, documents and other articles with contents involving state secrets.
  • Specialized spy equipment.
  • Illegal counterfeit products such as counterfeit or altered currency, marketable securities, certificates, and official seals.
  • Currency and negotiable securities.
  • Articles that infringe intellectual property rights, and counterfeit and shoddy products.
  • Animals and plants, especially those endangered wild animals and plants as well as their products.
  • Food, drugs or other articles that are hazardous to human and animal health and may spread disease from infected area
  • Cigarettes and tobacco, tobacco products, and liquor.
  • Valuables (such as artworks, antiques, gems, and precious metals including gold).
  • Other articles prohibited from mailing under other laws and regulations.

In addition to the above prohibited or restricted articles, SF has the rights of rejecting mailing and/or temporarily stopping mailing the following articles:

  • Packages without detailed contact information about the shipper and receiver.
  • Articles which are inappropriate for mailing, with improper mailing mode, improperly described, classified, packaged, or labeled, and without necessary certificates as deemed by SF.
  • Articles which may endanger the safety of transportation vehicles or personal safety due to their own or package features as judged by SF.
  • Articles which are not suitable for mailing from the perspective of economics or operations as judged by SF.

Kindly Reminder:

S.F. Express published and configured the new ‘Local Delivery Standards Inquiry’, if customers have enquiries on prohibited/restricted items, please dial S.F. Express hotline 95338 or click SF Online Service.

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