COD bills

Service Introduction

As an integrated logistics service company with a high sense of social responsibilities, SF advocates an environmental-friendly lifestyle and a green earth, and is committed to providing customers with more convenient e-billing service to reduce the use of paper bills.

  • E-bill is the electronic version of your paper bill.

After activating the e-billing service, your e-bill of the month will be generated in the next month and sent to your email as of the second day of each month.

  • Log on the membership platform and click "Register - Enterprise". After successful registration and login, you can check your bills and accounts, make payments, feed back differences on line, view waybill photos, and download bills and so on.

 (During registration, if it prompts that the user name already exists, please login using the existing account and password; if you forgot the passwords, you can find your password through the function of "Forget Password")

Applicable Target

Credit account customers in Mainland China

Kindly reminder

1. If you need to apply for e-billing service, please download the e-billing application form.

Fill in the company name (full name), credit account number, contact person and phone number for account checking, and email for receiving e-bills; and submit the application form to SF's couriers.

SF will activate the e-billing service for you within 7 working days.

2. For better and higher quality services, if your company name (full name), phone number, address or shipper/contact information for account checking has been changed, please dial our customer service hotline 95338 or log on SF's official website to update the information.

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