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E-waybill Terms and Conditions (“T&C”)

1.The contracting parties of this “T&C” are you and subsidiaries, branch offices, or affiliates of S.F. Express Co., Ltd. at the place of origin of your shipment (hereinafter referred to as “SF”).

2. You have agreed to abide by the privacy policy as amended from time to time which is published on the official website of the Company (, and you have agreed that SF can process your waybill information in accordance with the provisions of laws, regulations, and the privacy policy.

3. Shipment Protection Plus (SPP) and Compensation

3.1 If shipment loss, damage or partially loss is caused owning to the Company’s reason, the Company shall waive the freight charge of the shipment, and compensate according to the following standards,but the Company shall not be liable for any indirect losses such as anticipated revenues or profits, practical use, and business opportunities.

3.1.1 If you send shipments of valuables, please declare in advance. Otherwise the goods may be deemed as less than RMB 1000. It is also recommended to select the Shipment Protection Plus (SPP) service. If you have not selected the SPP service, the Company shall compensate the actual loss within the limit of 7 times the freight charge. If you regard the compensation standard insufficient for making up for your loss, you shall select the SPP service that can cover the actual value of your consignment.

3.1.2 If you have selected the SPP service and paid the SPP charge, the Company shall compensate according to the SPP amount and your loss proportion, with the maximum compensation amount not exceeding the actual loss value of the consignment.

3.1.3 The Company adopts the “Claims Examination” mode. You shall select the SPP service honestly based on the actual value of the consignment, and shall provide the value certificate for compensation. The excess SPP value shall not be compensated, and the Company may return the SPP charge of this part.

3.1.4 The residual value shall be handled according to the negotiation between the Company and you. If the residual value is finally returned to you, the Company will deduct the residual value from the approved compensation amount.

4. The compensation for delay is only an exempt for this service fee (excluding value-added fees such as SPP).

5. To protect your personal information, the Company may use the encrypted waybill, and the Company will input your shipping information into the order placement system and save the information. For the information hidden by the encrypted waybill, you have agreed that the information in the Company’s system shall prevail, and you shall not object to this.

6. You have confirmed that, when you use the service due to the requirement of work, you have obtained full authorization of your company, and have fully read, understood and accepted all contents of this “T&C”.

7. To guarantee safe delivery of your shipment in sending your shipment in accordance with laws and regulations for safe shipment delivery, you shall perform the following obligations:

7.1 Show your valid ID certificate, cooperate with SF staff for ID inspection, registration of identity information. If you are entrusted by others to send shipments, you are also required to provide valid ID certificate of the consignor.

7.2 You shall truthfully declare the consignment name, nature, quantity and value, and fill in accurately and clearly the information including shipper and receiver names, addresses and phone numbers.

7.3 Comply with prohibitions and restrictions on the prohibited items for delivery; do not harm national security, public security, and legal rights of citizens, legal persons and other organizations through delivery channels.

7.4 Cooperate in open-box inspection. If the consignments require approval or inspection processes, you shall provide certificates to prove that you have completed the processes. SF can take photos of evidence. SF has the right to hand over prohibited or restricted goods, if found, to relevant authorities for handling.

7.5 You shall, according to the nature of your consignment (especially fragile goods, liquid and gas), provide sufficient damage-proof, leakage-proof, and explosion-proof packaging to guarantee safe delivery of the consignment.

8. Your liability of compensation for damage

8.1 In the event that quality defects or damaged packaging of your consignment results in corrosion or damage to other consigned goods, transport tools or mechanical equipment, or casualties, you shall be held liable for compensation.

8.2 If your consignment is confiscated or detained, or the delivery route needs to be changed because the consignment is prohibited or restricted from posting and delivering or contain such prohibited or restricted articles, you shall compensate SF or third parties for economic losses caused by the delay in delivery or imparity in value of other consignments affected.

9.Right of lien

If you or your designated payer fails to fully pay expenses, SF is entitled to retain your consignment for 2 months (commencing on the date of shipment pickup) unless the consignment cannot be retained due to its nature. If you or your designated payer still fails to fully pay expenses upon expiry of the retention term, SF may sell off or auction retained goods and take priority in compensation, and the price derived therefrom shall first be used to pay the expense and storage expense incurred by SF in exercising the lien and then pay the expense owed to SF. In case of any balance, such balance can be remitted to your designated account according to your requirements. If SF gives a written notice requesting you to cooperate with SF in exercising the lien, and you do not give written reply within 7 days upon sending of the notice, it shall be deemed that you agree on SF’s plan of excising the lien.

10. Agreements about charges:

10.1 For a paid-by-receiver shipment, if the receiver does not make the payment and you request to make the payment by yourself, you shall also pay the surcharge to the Company.

10.2 If you instruct to pick up or deliver shipments in a logistics center or bonded area that requires payment of warehouse-in/out fee or other extra fees, you or your designated payer shall pay the above mentioned extra fees including warehouse-in/out fees that SF has paid in advance and shall also pay the surcharge to SF.

10.3 If SF provides you services in legal holidays such as the Spring Festival and during business peak period such as “Double Eleven” online shopping festival, you shall pay the surcharge to SF.

10.4 For the consignment that fails to be delivered, if you request to return the consignment, you shall bear the cost of the round trip.

10.5 Freight charges are collected based on the calculation standards published by SF on its official website or agreed in a written agreement between both parties. If one party questions calculation errors in freight charges and request for correction, the other party shall actively cooperate with the party on correction of errors.

11. The transit time description of SF’s service products is subject to the description published on the Company’s official website. You can log in to SF's official website to query the information or call the Company’s customer service hotline for consultation.

12. SF may send product/service introduction, promotion information and other commercial information in the form of phone calls, emails, and mobile phone short messages. If you do not agree to receive the above-mentioned information, you can unsubscribe through SMS or dial SF’s customer service hotline.

13. If you have selected the Return Proof of Delivery service but the Proof of Delivery is damaged or lost owning to the Company’s reason, the Company shall compensate only by providing the Return Proof of Delivery one time for free.

14. Where any clause in this “T&C” is held by a court or government body as invalid or partly invalid, both parties agree to continue complying with other clauses hereof and that partly valid clauses should remain in effect to their utmost enforceable degree.

15. In the event of any disputes over this “T&C”, both parties hereto shall settle them through amicable consultations. In the event that the consultations fail, either party may initiate a lawsuit with the people’s court in the place where the shipment is sent.