Delivery Address Correction Service

  • Service Introduction

    √ SF provides you with a change of address service (return included) for shipments after shipping.
    √ Specific standards for highly time sensitive and temperature-controlled fresh products are available. For details, please dial the customer service hotline 95338.

  • Service Features

    √ It relieves the worries of re-dispatching after shipping and saves the logistics cost for customers. 
    √ It provides customers with a more convenient acceptance service.

  • Service Coverage

    Chinese  Mainland , Hong Kong,Macao and oversea countries(Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan,  Philippines, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Chile, and EU 28 countries.). 

  • Charging Standard

    Doemestic shipment: RMB/HKD 10/shipment for delivery within the same city;

    International shipment: RMB 70/ shipment/time.

    For other currencies, please convert based on the exchange rate of the month at the place of address change. 

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