Overweight and Oversize Surcharge

  • Service Introduction

    If a single piece of shipment consigned by the customer exceeds the weight or dimension limit, additional input or allocation of resources will be required for pickup, transit and delivery of such shipment; therefore, relevant service charges shall be collected from the customer. 

  • Service Features

    Safe delivery and reliable service

  • Service Coverage

    Chinese Mainland.

    From Southern China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Fujian, and Jiangxi provinces) to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, and the United States

  • Notice for Use

    Oversize shipment: The length of any side of a single piece of consignment exceeds 1.6 m. 
    Overweight shipment: The chargeable weight of a single piece of consignment is greater than 50kg if it is delivered using any of SF's time-specific products, or is greater than 80 KG if it is delivered using SF logistics cargo service and other products; 
    Time-definite Delivery Service Guarantee is not supported.


    International shipment: Oversize Shipments: 200cm < length ≤ 250cm or 80cm < width ≤ 150cm or 70cm < height ≤ 150cm; Overweight Shipments: 70kg (50kg if Japan-bound) < Weight ≤ 130kg

  • Charging Standard

    1. Overweight and oversize surcharge = chargeable weight of the oversize/overweight shipment x RMB/HKD 1/kg

    2. Minimum charge RMB/HKD 20/shipment

    Note: A single piece of consignment means that the consignment is packaged separately and cannot be split into several stand-alone consignments.

    3. International Oversize and Overweight Shipping Services: fixed at RMB 260 per package.

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