Shipment Protection Plus (SPP)
  • Service Introduction

    If you choose SF’s SPP service, and the shipments are damaged or lost during delivery, SF will make compensation according to the proportion of losses to the declared values. The compensation shall not be higher than the actual loss of the goods.

    The SPP fees are 5‰ of the declared value, for the actual rate, please dial 95338 or consult local service points for details.

  • Service Features

    √ Guaranteed safety;

    √ Cost-effectiveness;

    √ Professional settlement of claims.

  • Service Coverage

    √ Mutual shipping within Mainland China or shipping to HMT districts;

    √ Mutual shipping within HMT districts or to Mainland China;

    √ Shipping from Mainland China to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Russia and USA ;


  • Notice for Use

    √ Prohibited items violating laws and regulations;
    √ Fragile items: Glass, ceramics, plaster, stone, carvings and items that cannot be packed easily such as coral and waxwork;
    √ Fresh fruits and vegetables: Seasonal fruits, frozen food, fresh food, hairy crabs, animals and plants.

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