Return Under Original Waybill

  • Service Introduction

    This value-added service can return the shipment under the original waybill number to the new destination or an address specified by the customer based on the shipper's requirements.

  • Service Features

    • Convenient service acceptance: Customers can initiate service requests independently or via customer service channels.
    • Fast response and efficient processing: Service requests are processed in the system by means of instructions without any customer service work orders.
    • One waybill only: Only one waybill is used in the entire process, facilitating abnormal shipment handling and ensuring convenient and clear reconciliation.

  • Service Coverage

    Chinese Mainland region. 

  • Charging Standard

    • For forwarding or return in a different city, the freight charge is calculated based on shipping from the original destination to the new destination.
    • For forwarding or return in the same city, the freight charge is RMB10 per shipment. For customers who have signed the Return Under Original Waybill service agreement, the freight charge is calculated based on the first leg.

  • Notice for Use

    • The pickup/delivery standards of this service are consistent with those for normal shipments
    • The operations involving special aviation shipping application are subject to the requirements of the local distribution district.