Return Under Original Waybill

  • Service Introduction

    In case of shipment delivery failure caused by customer reasons, SF can return the shipment under the original waybill number to the place of origin based on the shipper's requirements. 

  • Service Features

    √ Shipments are returned under the original waybill number for sorting convenience;
    √ It provides convenience to financial accounting and handling;
    √ It satisfies individualized demands of customers.

  • Service Coverage

    Mutual shipping within Chinese  Mainland. 

  • Charging Standard

    The freight charge is the same as the standard freight charge of the first leg.

  • Notice for Use

    √ Access condition: It is applicable to credit account customers who have signed the Terms and Conditions for Return Under Original Waybill.
    √ Pickup/delivery standards: The service is not applicable to seasonal fruits and local specialties (including aquatic products) that are difficult to store and preserve.

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