Packaging Service

  • Service Introduction

    SF provides you with a more professional, environmental friendly, convenient and highly efficient packaging service including standard packaging and individualized packaging. 

  • Service Features

    √ Standard packaging offers 6 types of standard cartons for customers to choose and use;
    √ Individualized packaging offers a more diversified, professional and safer service to customers.

  • Service Coverage

    Mutual shipping within Chinese  Mainland.

  • Charging Standard

    √  Standard packaging:

    No. 1 Carton: RMB 1; No. 2 Carton: RMB 2;

    No. 3 Carton: RMB 3; No. 4 Carton: RMB 4;

    No. 5 Carton: RMB 5; No. 6 Carton: RMB 6

    √  Customized packaging: Subject to actual charges collected by local couriers. For details, please consult local service points.

Online Service