Special Warehousing Service
  • Service Introduction

    If a shipment is to be delivered to a wharf, an airport, a logistics company/center/warehouse, a bonded area, a supervised warehouse or somewhere else where queuing or advance payment is required, SF can provide you with a special warehousing service if additional service charges are paid.

  • Service Features

    √ Queuing for warehouse-in procedure on behalf of the customer to save communication cost and time
    √ Advance payment for warehouse-in fees provided

  • Service Coverage

    √ Mutual shipping within Chinese  Mainland;
    √ Mutual shipping between Chinese  Mainland and Hong Kong.
    Chinese  Mainland  & Hong Kong

  • Service Pricing

    The service is charged in local currency of the paying place.
    Advance payments are collected based on actual amount paid on behalf of the customer;
    Hong Kong: RMB 300;
    Chinese  Mainland: RMB 100.

  • Notice for Use

    No committed time of delivery is available. 

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