SF Overseas Fulfillment/Warehouse
  • Service Introduction

    The service is customized for cross-border e-commerce customers who have demands on delivering shipments to Russia, Europe and America. It helps sellers in China to sell goods to overseas districts while being based in China, reduce logistics operational costs, monitor inventory and order status in real time and respond to orders promptly. 

  • Service Features

    Eastern European/Central European Warehouse
    Eastern European: Goods imported to overseas countries are transmitted to the bonded Eastern European warehouse for customs clearance.
    Central European Warehouse: Customs clearance is done at the destination port.
    SF cooperates with high-quality express delivery channels in Europe and Russia to ensure high cost-effectiveness.
    System integration enables interconnection with the third-party ERP system.

  • Service Coverage

    Eastern European Warehouse: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Norway and 28 other European countries;
    Central European Warehouse: 28 European countries.

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