Heavy Freight FTL

  • Service Introduction

    The service is a customized heavy freight FTL service launched by SF to meet customers' demands in transporting shipments loaded on a full truck to a relatively fixed address. 

  • Committed Time of Delivery

    The transit time varies with the operating hours of the route which is planned as per customer demands.

  • Service Coverage

    Chinese Mainland . 

  • Service Features

    √ High time efficiency: Direct delivery of shipments can be achieved by point to point and point to multi-point means to avoid transit;
    √ Customization: Customized services and quotations are available for customers even from counties, towns and townships;
    √ Whole-process GPS monitoring is used to ensure service quality;
    √ Value-added services such as milkrun, loading & unloading, packaging and Return Proof of Delivery are available.

  • Service Time

    The service is an all-year-round service.

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