SF Express participates with the 3rd Overseas Chinese Trade Fair

  • From August 13 to 15, 2017, the 3rd Overseas Chinese Trade Fair was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, gathered 615 domestic and international enterprises from 27 countries and regions with the goal to bridging diverse foreign products by the group of overseas Chinese. SF debuts with an international orientated image at the Overseas Chinese Trade Fair with “Belt and Road: Cross-border E-commerce” as theme, to meet the group of overseas Chinese from around the world and to welcome more than 10 professional trend spotting groups for the cross-border e-commerce industry.



    "In the past few years, SF has been building service networks and operating platforms globally, opened branch offices in more than 10 countries and set up local professional service teams." SF International business related person in charge further states "our employees come from all over the world, and a considerable part of them are overseas Chinese, they do not only understand the overseas environment and the market, but also understand the culture and language of China. These employees contribute to the quality services that SF provides to customers around the world."


    In the same period,One Belt and One Road Cross-border Theme Exhibition was held at the Overseas Chinese trade fair. Various cross-border e-commerce experts in different fields discussed and analyzed popular markets in overseas countries and new import and export government policies for cross-border e-commerce. SF International Division Strategic Director Samuel Yin was also invited to do an in-depth analysis of the difficulties that current cross-border e-commerce merchants face regarding cross-border logistics.


    (Speech on the One Belt and One Road Initiative Cross-border Theme Exhibition)


    Samuel Yin expressed that cross-border e-commerce’s new momentum brought great changes and opportunities to the traditional foreign trade. When the traditional multi-link, high-volume, centralized foreign trade model transitioned to the new model of intermediate, decentralized, multi- small batches, the logistics models must also be flexible to change.

    For both exporters and importers, it is necessary to fully grasp the target market’s policies and regulations, for example Europe and the United States are increasingly stringent regulatory policy on intellectual property rights for cross-border e-commerce merchants. Both type of cross-border e-merchants also need to understand how their customers experience the logistics solutions they are providing, customers from different countries have different expectations; they might accept different length of transit time and may be used to different delivering methods. "To have a high-quality logistics partner is to further enhance the business brand, it will help to win the trust of consumers and enhance the customer’s satisfaction" Samuel Yin said.

    On this fair and exhibition, SF showcased it’s one-stop solution for both export and import cross-border e- merchants and demonstrated SF’s strength in the area of cold chain services and technology innovation, attracting a large number of overseas Chinese and cross-border e-merchants to interact. SF International Business Department official expressed that "SF International's business represents SF’s global market experience and it’s ability and is committed to helping Chinese enterprises to successfully go abroad, but also to introduce high-quality overseas goods to meet the diverse demand of the Chinese consumer."