SF International Heavy Freight service Expanding

  • Since SF International Heavy Freight service has been available from Mainland China (Guangdong Province/Jiangsu Province/Zhejiang Province/Shanghai) to the United States and Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia. In order to meet customer demand on shipping international heavy cargo, SF expands the pick-up service of International heavy freight service to 31 provinces in Mainland China.

    SF International Heavy Freight is tailored for customers with demand for 100kg or above heavy weight shipment to overseas countries, which provides door-to-door service with stable transit time at competitive rate. Apply to B2B customers engaged in international trade, and cross-border B2C customers.

    By using SF International Heavy Freight, customers could enjoy 365-day pickup service, with one waybill from end-to-end and full tack and trace at official website. SF International Heavy Freight offers a favorable rate with full waiver of fuel surcharge, Type-D China export customs clearance handling fee, and also more favorable dimensional weight factor divided by 6,000.

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