2017 SF Cold Chain North China Pharmaceutical Summit Is Successfully Concluded

  • On July 7, 2017, the 2017 SF Cold Chain North China Pharmaceutical Summit organized by SF Cold Chain and co-organized by China Logistics Times• Pharmaceutical Distribution was successfully concluded in Beijing.

    More than 300 participants, including government leaders, experts and scholars from associations and professionals engaged in pharmaceutical production, e-commerce, retail and medical equipment business, attended the Summit.

    The Summit focused on the theme of "Seeking Development in the Reform of Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry". The participants discussed how to achieve a win-win situation for the government, pharmaceutical production enterprises, medical industry and patients in the new normal of pharmaceutical distribution changes.

    Welcome Speech & Guest Speech

    •         Welcome speech delivered by Mr. Desmond Hong, the Head of SF Cold Chain Business Development and Solution Section

    "With the increasingly higher statutory and regulatory requirements and gradual formation of social pharmaceutical cold chain logistics management standards, social logistics enterprises have gradually participated in professional pharmaceutical cold chain logistics. The enterprises that are capable of providing warehousing, cold chain logistics, supply chain finance and other professional one-stop services and managing output capability can better meet market demands, their advantages in professionalism and scale will be further highlighted. This provides both an opportunity and a challenge for SF Cold Chain."

    •         Guest speech delivered by Mr. Xie Yijiong, the Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce  

    "Under the new policy background, the pharmaceutical distribution marketing mode and pharmaceutical logistics transportation mode of pharmaceutical enterprises have encountered new opportunities and challenges. In this context, we hope that enterprises in the pharmaceutical industrial chain could make innovations and provide mutual assistance to jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry."

    •         Opinion shared by Mr. Wen Zaixing, Former Inspector of Market Order Department, the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China:

    Mr. Wen Zaixing introduced the current situation and future trends of pharmaceutical logistics to the participants. He pointed out that pharmaceutical distributors in the pharmaceutical logistics industry will transform into supply chain service providers in the future, basic pharmaceutical logistics services will be strengthened, the construction of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics system will be accelerated, pharmaceutical cold chain logistics services will have growth points such as rapid development of DTP pharmacy model in the future and enhanced proportion of biological medicines.


    •         Sun Xiang from Beijing Leadman Biochemistry Co., Ltd., and Ao Yinghui, the co-founder of Weiming Penguin, gave keynote speeches on "the Current Situation and Influence of Logistics of In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents" and "How Do the Internet B2B Platforms Promote Pharmaceutical Distribution" respectively.

    Beijing Leadman Biochemistry Co., Ltd.  Sun Xiang

    Co-founder of Weiming Penguin   Ao Yinghui


    Sofa Forum

    The Sofa Forum hosted by Mr. Kevin Liang, the Director of SF Cold Chain Pharmaceutical New Business Incubation Team was also amazing:

    Fu Xiaoyang, the Vice President of Tigermed & the Founder and General Manager of Jyton Consulting, Gao Haoyu, the Deputy Director of Government Affairs Department, Bard Healthcare Science (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Wu Wen’an, the Deputy General Manager of Beijing Your Hope Zhaoqin Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Yao Lan, the Senior Partner of Beijing Dacheng Law Firm and other guests had a wonderful discussion on "the Opportunities and Challenges of Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry in the New Environment", and shared the following opinions:


    1.    Pharmaceutical distribution model will transform towards specialized division of labor in the future;

    2.   The market transaction attribute will become much weaker, and the service attribute will become stronger. Nationwide, large-scale and specialized distribution enterprises will dominate the market;

    3.   Modern third-party pharmaceutical service enterprises (including supply chain logistics enterprises, financial insurance service enterprises, third party inspection enterprises, professional technical service enterprises, etc.) will constantly promote the transformation of circulation model;

    4.   Participants from different fields must have specialized division of labor and cooperate with each other, in order to achieve win-win results in the market.

    Sharing the Opinions Proposed in the Summit

    After lunch, the keynote speech on "the Professional Pharmaceutical Distribution of DTP Pharmacy" delivered by Li Shuai, the Deputy Editor of China Logistics Times • Pharmaceutical Distribution, and the wonderful speech on "the Development and Logistics Needs of Independent Medical Testing Industry" made by Wu Mingmei, the Head of Marketing Department, Kangso Medical Inspection Institute, started the afternoon section of the Summit:


    Li Shuai, the Deputy Editor of China Logistics Times• Pharmaceutical Distribution

    Head of Marketing Department, Kangso Medical Inspection Institute Wu Mingmei

    Later, Ma Jiancong, the Pharmaceutical Sales Director of SF Cold Chain Business Unit shared with guests the Introduction to SF Pharmaceutical Supply Chain & Solutions of North China Pharmaceutical Industry:


    Under the new circulation pattern of biological medicine, facing with scarce standardized logistics resources, high air transportation costs, imperfect pharmaceutical cold chain transportation network and other industrial pain points, the pharmaceutical land transportation main line network of SF cold chain came into being, in order to help biopharmaceutical customers solve cold chain transportation problems and effectively reduce logistics and transportation costs.

    By May 2017, the pharmaceutical land transportation main line network of SF cold chain has covered 21 urban networks and 22 main lines, with 462 flow directions. Fixed-time departure at fixed place can be achieved. According to different pharmaceutical properties and requirements for temperature and humidity, containerized transport or distribution, multi-product stowage and other technical and management methods can be used to provide multi-batch, small-batch LTL logistics services for pharmaceutical customers.


    Signing Ceremony & Concluding Speech

    On the conference site, SF Cold Chain also held a signing ceremony with customers on the site, and jointly conveyed the idea of "win-win cooperation".

    Mr. Xu Erqing, the Head of SF Cold Chain North China Branch, made a concluding speech:

    Although SF Cold Chain has just entered in the pharmaceutical logistics industry for a short time, it will strictly abide by the national standards and gradually improve its construction, give full play to the advantages of SF networks and resources, and cooperate with the industry to enhance the service quality of pharmaceutical transportation.

    At this point, 2017 SF Cold Chain North China Pharmaceutical Summit was successfully concluded. SF Cold Chain will continue to focus on the construction and development of pharmaceutical logistics capability, and provide guarantees for the resource allocation of pharmaceutical distribution, the quality safety of cold chain medicines, and the health of people.