COD Service, One-key Order Placing!
  • Dear Friends, if you encounter the following situations, you definitely will need the user-friendly and affordable COD service of SF – a one-key order placing service!

    •   I post a second-hand mobile phone online for sale. A buyer from another city wants to buy it and asks me to send the phone by courier. However, I am worried about how to collect money from him.
    •   I post some facial masks I purchased on WeChat for sale. A Wechat friend wants to buy some but is not assured of transferring money before receiving shipmentssince it is the first time to buy. So how should I close the deal?
    •   I am running a small business in garments. A business friend orders a batch of goods from me and asks me to send the goods by courier, saying that he will transfer the money to me later. However, he has not paid for the previous batch of goods. Considering my relationship with him, I did not urge him to repay. So Shall I send him the goods this time?


    No matter selling second-hand items, opening a shop on WeChat, or doing all kinds of small businesses, SF COD service is the most convenient service of this kind that can definitely help you to solve problems of sending shipments and collecting payments!


    No need to apply in advance and sign paper agreement, just open SF Financial APP(former SF Pay), and move your fingers to place an order. 

    Service Coverage

    Service Charges

    (Promotion Privileges)

    Repayment Time

    Repayment Mode

    Mainland China

    Single shipment within RMB 200 (inclusive): RMB 1/shipment;

    Single shipment above RMB 200: 2% of the goods payment.

    (Only to be directly deducted from settlement with the shipper)

    Repay 9 days (calendar days) after delivery, or postpone if the repayment day is festival or holiday (including Saturday and Sunday).

    Repay to the shipper’s SF Financial account

    2. How to use:

     ①Open SF Financial APP, click "Express Delivery" and then "COD" to enter the order placement page:


    ②  Click "COD" and enter the on-line shipping page, and fill in all information required: 


    ③    Besides information of the shipper, receiver and consignment, please also accurately fill in the COD amount, and tick "I agree to the COD Contract Terms", and click the "Submit" button to finish order placement.


    If you don't have a SF Financial APP on your mobile phone, scan the following QR code to install!