How to ensure quality and freshness of fruits during delivery? SF offers a solution

  • As a logistics service provider, SF issues a fresh fruit delivery solution based on actual conditions, puts forward 38 types of packages for 38 kinds of fruits. Fruits are divided into normal-temperature fruits and fresh fruits. Customized packages and transportation solutions are matched for fruits based on their features and values. Meanwhile, SF has clear management regulations for shipment packages, from dimensions, VI to specific application scenarios. Any operation unspecified in the regulations is not allowed.


    No Heat

    SF has put forward the Delivery Solution for Fresh Fruits and the Delivery Solution for Normal-temperature Fruits, and flexibly combined the mode of "Direct Delivery from the Origin" with different transit time productsand cold chain fresh preservation services to handle fruits differently and effectively improve the efficiency in transportation and freshness preservation. For fruits with higher value or high temperaturesensitivity such as cherries and litchis, pre-cooling treatment in the pre-cooling device isrequired before cold chain main line transportation. For fruits with lower value, long storage life and low temperature sensitivity such as apples and grapefruitsdifferent transit time products will be selected based on the shipping volume and transportation features. FTL and LTL will be combined to guarantee transportation quality and speed, and maximize the efficiency. In addition, SF continues to provide direct delivery from the origin for fruits with strong local features. SF provides a one-stop service from fruit pickup to transportation, which significantly shortens the circulation time of the fruits and increases customers’ profit margin.


    No Pressing

    For design of the external package, SF creates an obvious logo and prints corresponding text identification on the upper left of the box. This enables each SF staff involvedto know clearly that the consignment is a fresh product so that priority will be given during transit and delivery.

    The EPP recyclable heat preservation box for food delivery adopts EPP materials for food, is acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be degraded naturally. It is suitable for transportation of meat, eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits, even cakes and ice creams that are highly demanding on transportation. -40°C - -130°C are available.

    It shall be clarified that SF has clear management regulations for shipment packages, from dimensions, VI to specific application scenarios. Any operation unspecified in the regulations is not allowed, ranging from labels to advertisements on boxes.


    No Delay

    For each process from fruit pickup to delivery, SF provides technology guarantee and transit time advantages through its hardware input and process optimization. In the first half year, in terms of fruit delivery, SF adds 170 cold storage main lines and inputs 18 freighters.

    This year, SF works hard in the upper-end of the value chain and for the first time tries to input fully automatic sorting devices and pre-cooling devices to protect freshness right from fruit pickup. This year, SF inputs1fruit sorting device and 3 mobile cold storage warehousesfor the cherry project, 5 mobile cold storage warehouses for litchi project and 17 cold storage warehouses for the wax cherry project. The input of automatic intelligent devices will greatly improve the shipping efficiency of cherries, enhance the control of fruit quality and optimize the service processes.



    The Fresh Fruit Delivery is the first step of SF's trial in offering fresh product solutions. In the second half of this year, SF will continue to explore in the cold chain transportation, put forward other delivery solutions for other types of fresh products, and maintain its leadership in ideology, technology, service and hardware to keep freshness and realize win-win cooperation between merchants and consumers.