So The Best Way to Crack into European Market Rapidly Is …
  • Who can be closer to overseas market than local sales? There is no cross-border physical stores in the European market. So if you want to win the favor of local customers rapidly with low costs, the best way is to use the third-party overseas warehouse.

    Overseas warehouse is a one-stop logistics and warehousing service that helps sellers to realize local sales in overseas districts. Sellers can not only effectively lower the logistics cost by batch transportation, but also enhance products' exposure rate, pricing level and improve logistics experience of end consumers.

    How to select a good third-party overseas warehouse? The following standards are for references.

    1.      Integrated service

    If the service provider can control the "first leg+overseas warehouse+end delivery" well, standardize operations and make route more transparent, the goods safty can be better guaranteed.

    1.      Order processing ability

    After the overseas warehouse accepts the order, whether it can effectively sort, pack and deliver the shipment based on the order and how long does it take from order placement to warehouse-out will directly affect the local transit time.

    1.      Diversified end delivery channel

    In addition, whether the overseas warehouse can provide diversified end delivery channels such as commercial express delivery and post can facilitate sellers to make decisions at their discretion.

    1.      Plan for peak season

    Overseas warehouse is a method to avoid peak season logistics bottleneck. However, the overseas warehouse may also be too full during peak seasons. When selecting an overseas warehouse, we shall know about its solutions for peak seasons, understand whether it can be operated for 24 hours uninterruptedly to ensure efficient operation and rapid warehouse-out during peak seasons.

    1.      Operation and Service Team

    Professional teams and customer service representatives are equipped for China and overseas districts to provide sellers with better services and solve problems more effectively. Domestic teams can offer inquiry services for sellers before dispatching shipments in the first leg, offer proper logistic solutions and avoid possible problems of goods in overseas districts. Overseas and local teams can better understand laws and regulations of local markets and provide better after-sales and local services to sellers.

    1.      Other services

    In addition, sellers will take comprehensive considerations of whether the overseas warehouse can provide bonded customs clearance services, return and replacement of goods, warehouse financing services and export rebates and so on,as well as customized services such as labelling, label changing and packaging.

    The SF International Overseas Warehouse-Eastern European Warehouse covers 32 European countriesat the end delivery, and is the right choice of more and more online retailers exploring the European market.

    Located in Estonia, SF International Eastern European Warehouse provides bonded customs clearance for bulk cargoes as well as rapid and stable end delivery. In China, SF's self-owned service points nation-wide can arrange for door-to-door pickup. Both sea transportation and air transportation are supported in the first leg. Shipments can be warehoused in and put on shelves in 3-5 days by air. TheWMS system of SF International Overseas Warehouse connects to the ERP system of the main market. Orders are responded to in a timely manner. Shipments are warehoused-out on the same day and delivered in 24 hours the soonest. Besides commercial express delivery and postal channel, heavy cargo delivery within 30kg in local areas is also provided at end delivery. The Eastern European Warehouse also provides customized services such as repacking, label changing and return and replacement services.

    During the Double 11 on-line shopping festival of last year, SF International Eastern European Warehouse successfully tackled the peak season with warehouse operators being on 24-hour shifts to rapidly deliver products from Chinese sellers to overseas consumers.

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