Warning against Deception in the Name of SF Express

  • Dear customers,

         Recently, SF Express discovers that there are some law breakers that call or send SMSs to customers in the name of SF Express to inform the customers of their unsigned or detained shipments, requesting for their private information and money. SF Express has called the police the first time. To protect the customers' interests, SF Express hereby reminds the customers to increase the risk prevention awareness. If you receive this kind of phone call or SMS, it is recommended that you confirm with SF Express through official channels to prevent economic loss.

    Warm tips:

    1. SF Express hotline has upgraded to 95338; the original hotline and the new hotline are now both in use.
    2. The hotline 4008 111 111 is temporarily reserved, which can only receive incoming calls but cannot place calls. If you receive any call from 4008 111 111, the calls are not from SF official hotline.
    3. SF staffs will only communicate with you about the business related information. Be cautious of any money transaction and guard against any defraud.
    4. SF does not provide any third-party services transferred from court and public security. 
    5. If you need to confirm your shipment information, please dial the hotline 95338, or log in to SF's official website:www.sf-express.com and check with the self-service tool. You can also scan the QR code to follow SF official account on WeChat and check your shipments anytime and anywhere.


    Thank you for your concern and cooperation!