Deliver your wishes with SF this holiday season

Promotion Period : 4.Dec.2017 - 31.Dec.2017


Campaign Details:

l   Promotion Period: December 15th , 2017 to January 15th , 2018

l   Target Customers: SF cash account, retail customers who use SF international services


Campaign #1: Send gifts overseas, win SF rewards!


From 15 Dec 2017 to 10 Jan 2018, retail customers who use our SF Express international services (Standard Express, Economy Express, or Heavy Freight) will be eligible to receive a 25 RMB coupon. Additionally, the first 100 customers will be eligible to receive a small gift.


Promotion Scope:

This promotion is applicable to cash account retail customers who use SF Express international services by shipping from mainland China to other countries. Destinations cannot be Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan, and credit account customers are ineligible.


Promotion Period:

15 Dec 2017 – 15Jan 2018


Promotion Terms:

  1. 1.  Customers must ship a package between 15 Dec 2017 and 10 Jan 2018 and provide proof that their package has been successfully received by the recipient by checking the online tracking tool.
  2. 2.  Please scan the below QR code (or obtain from pick-up courier), and enter in your waybill number and personal information including your name, contact information, and the address to which you want your gifts to be shipped to.
  3. 3.  Under the promotion terms, customers are each allowed to receive one 25 RMB coupon for SF International shipping services. Other gifts will only be provided to the first 100 customers who scan the promotion QR code and correctly input their information.
  4. 4.  SF Express International will verify that the participants’ information is correct; each mobile number will be affixed to only one person’s information and waybill number for gift distribution purposes.
  5. 5.  After verifying customers’ information, SF Express International will begin sending gifts around 1 Feb 2018; the 25 RMB coupons will be sent to customers via text message.
  6. 6.  Each mobile number is eligible for only one coupon/teddy bear (only the first 100 customers are eligible)
  7. 7.  Gifts may include a SF teddy bear, calendar, or others, depending on availability.


QR code:



Campaign #2: Share stories with SF, win shopping coupons!


Content Requirements:

Share a story about your relationship with a friend or family member based overseas (that you have sent SF Express packages to), or your experiences using SF Express. We recommend that you keep your story under 300 words.


Scope of Promotion:

Shipment Origin:China, South Korea, Japan, United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, United Kingdom, France, Canada, and Russia.


Promotion Channels:

  • 【顺丰国际】WeChat Official Account(SF b2c)

①    How to Participate: Participants must leave a comment (their personal story as specified above) underneath SF International’s WeChat Official Account’s promotional post by Jan 15th, 2018 at  00:00.

②    Contest Rules: SF will choose 15 well-written stories from around the world to share on the SF International WeChat account on Jan 15th. Each of these 15 participants will receive an e-coupon worth 100 RMB.

From Jan 15th – Jan 22nd, WeChat users will vote on the top three best stories, and the winners will receive e-coupons worth 1,000 RMB, 800 RMB, and 500 RMB, respectively. We will publish the list of winners on our WeChat account by Jan 31st, 2018.

③    Reward Distribution: SF Express will publish the winners on our WeChat account by Jan 31st, 2018. SF Express will contact the winners by Feb 10th, 2018 with more details about their rewards.


Please scan the below QR code to access our SF Express International WeChat official account




  • Facebook (SF Express)

①    Content Submissions:

The SF Express account will post a holiday greeting on its Facebook feed, and solicit followers to leave their personal story (with the shipment’s recipient or SF Express experiences) in the comments box.

②    Contest Rules:

As of Jan 15th, 2018, the ten participants who receive the most likes (must be at least 20) will receive e-coupons worth 500 RMB each. The top three will receive e-coupons worth 1000 RMB each instead of 500 RMB. Users must also “like” the SF Express Facebook page.

③    Reward Distribution: SF Express will publish the list of winners on Jan 31st, 2018 and message the winners on Facebook by Feb 10th, 2018 with more details about their rewards.


Click here to access the SF Express Facebook page



l   Reminder

1.  For Promotion #1, the times specified indicate local times; for Promotion #2, the times specified indicate Beijing time.

2.  Please specify which currency you will use for the contest rewards.

3.  Type of coupon: China, Japan, United States, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, United Kingdom, France, Canada, and Russia: iHerb e-coupon; Singapore:Capita Voucher; Malaysia: Zalora e-voucher; South Korea: Shinsegae e-voucher.

4.  Your story, its content, as well as your user name may be made public on the SF Express social media accounts. Your personal information, waybill number, and phone number will not be made public; we will follow the rules according to the Privacy Policy on the SF Express official website.

5.  If there are any questions, please contact SF International’s customer service hotline at 9533883 for more information.

6.  The right to interpret this activity belongs to SF Express, within the scope of the law.