Special Promotion- for international shipments only one chance a year

Promotion Range : Subject to service coverage

Promotion Period : 1.Dec.2018 - 31.Dec.2018


Terms and Conditions:
  1. he coupon can be seen in [SF Express] official WeChat account - “Me”- “My Wallet” - “Coupon".
  2. The coupon shall be used online and is only available for online order placement via [SF Express] official WeChat account and [SF Express+] mini program;
  3. The coupon can only be used for shipments using Standard Express to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia
  4. The coupon can only be used for shipper pay shipments sent from Chinese Mainland;
  5. This is a 12% off coupon; the reduced amount can be as high as RMB 600. Select the coupon when making the payment and there will be freight charges reduction.
  6. The phone No. of the coupon owner shall be the same with that of the user, otherwise, the coupon cannot be used;
  7. The coupon is not eligible for credit account, COD payment and COD service fees. The exceeding part shall be paid by cash;
  8. One coupon is for one shipment only.
  9. The valid period of the coupon is 90 days from the day of getting the coupon. The coupon will be invalid upon expiration.