Pharmaceutical Warehousing
  • Service Introduction

    It provides an integrated pharmaceutical warehousing service involving cold storage and circulation for shipments such as drugs, bulk pharmaceutical chemicals (BPC) and medical devices. 

  • Service Features

    √ With the radiation range of warehouses and distribution hubs for pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical main line transportation and distribution can be achieved nation-wide.
    √ It provides individualized warehousing services including professional warehousing, collection of electronic supervision code for drugs and return of bills;
    √ It integrates warehousing and distribution all in one.
    √ Multi-temperature storage, 24H temperature control and whole-process traceability can be achieved.

  • Service Pricing

    Storage fee + handling fee + service surcharge + others
    (For details, please consult local salespersons or dial 9533881.)

  • Service Coverage

    Currently the service is available in Chengdu and Guangzhou;
    The service coverage will be further updated based on service availability.

  • Notice for Use

    Temperature Range for Storage:
    Refrigerated storage: 2~8℃; Frozen storage: -25~-10℃; Cool storage: 2~20℃; Room temperature storage: 2~30℃;
    Humidity for Storage: Humidity: 35%~75%.

  • 托寄物标准

    Consignment Content
    Storable items: Drugs, medical devices, diagnostic reagents, and so on;
    Prohibited items: Drugs under special control (toxic drugs, narcotic drugs, TypeⅠpsychotropic substances, Type II psychotropic substances, and radioactive drugs) and drugs expressly prohibited by national drug regulations.