Special Warehousing Service

If the recipient's address is a wharf, airport, logistics company / center / warehouse, bonded area, or customs supervision area, our company provide special warehousing service, and a service surcharge will be charged according to relevant standard. Meanwhile, we can also provide the customers with prepaid warehousing fees service.

Service coverage
Shipments sent between Mainland China, as well as shipments sent between Mainland China and Hong Kong Districts with the areas or addresses which need special warehousing service. For details, please refer to Special Warehousing Address Library (Mainland ChinaHong Kong). 


This service is available for all customers.

Service Charge

Special Warehousing Service Charge: please refer to below table:

The Standard of Special Warehousing Service Charge

District and Pickup or Delivery Location


Hong Kong

(Warehouse, Logistics Center, Airport, Terminal, Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Center, AsiaWorld-Expo)

300 300 300 1,200

Mainland China

(Warehouse, Pier, Airport, Exhibition Center, Logistics Company/Center, Bonded Area, and Custom Supervision Area)

100 100 100 400


Prepaid Warehousing Fees

The warehousing fees will be charged based on the amount of the warehousing fees we have paid for the customer.

Payment method
Paid by shipper, paid by consignee or paid by third party.

A warehousing service fee will be charged for any delivery to the addresses specified in Special Warehousing Address Library within Hong Kong District and Mainland China, regardless of whether we have paid the warehousing fees in advance for the customers. 

For further information, please call our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 273 00 273 (Hong Kong).

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