Service Introduction

Refrigerated Delivery of S.F. Express delivers goods in low-temperature for you. Different temperatures are suitable for frozen, chilled and air-conditioned goods.


Storage Temperature


-18 ~ -15 °C


0 ~ 4 °C


17 ~ 22 °C

We provide 2 types of Refrigerated Delivery Service:

Enterprise Refrigerated Delivery

Door-to-door Refrigerated Delivery


We also provide value-added service:

Cash on Delivery (COD) Service


Service Highlight:

  • Different storage temperatures to fit your needs
  • Temperature sensors are installed in delivery trucks to ensure the temperature stability during transportation
  • Delivery trucks are equipped with GPS so that you can track your shipment
  • One-stop logistics solution is provided from pickup, storage, distribution and delivery to point-of-sales
  • Pickup and delivery services are provided between airport and warehouses. The products can be delivered to wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and end-customers 



During promotion period, Residential Surcharge and Remote area surcharge are waived for all Refrigerated Delivery shipments until further notice.


Door-to-door pickup service is only provided to the registered  industrial/commercial addressed. The service is not applicable for unregistered and non-industrial/ commercial addresses.

The above services are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Carriage, please refer to the following link for details.