Service Introduction

E Commerce Fulfillment Company Limited, (EF Locker), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of S.F. Express Hong Kong. Aim to provide the best Locker self-pickup service with high-quality and cost-effectiveness last-mile delivery service to the eCommerce business and enterprise, in addition, an ultra-convenience pickup experience to the end-user which serving 24/7 basis without Remote Area Surcharge. Moreover, EF Locker provides Octopus payment service to end users to settle the shipment charge of parcel.


In order to reach synergetic effect, we provide open source with logistics partners, access right inclusive.  In result, through the cooperation, additional value will be added to locker’s services, and ultimately benefit the market.  In the future, value-added service such as mobile App support soon will be ready to take the overall logistics service to a higher level.


To cope with the business development and demand of clients, EF Locker official website has been launched. All eCommerce businesses and end-users can browse the official website for new services and products information, promotional offers, EF Locker locations and so on as to aimbeing an informative and fun platform.


Advantage of EF Locker

  • Over 100 of EF Lockers located throughout Hong Kong, including outlying Islands, housing estates, shopping centers and industrial buildings. We serve at your doorstep, please click here to check all the locations.
  • Self-serviced and computerized; privacy is highly secured for self-pick up after shopping.
  • Most of the lockers provide 24/7 pick-up service.
  • The first locker service provider supports Octopus payment for shipment charge of parcel.
  • Flat-rated shipment fee with NO Remote Area Surcharge.
  • Following the trend with easy pick-up service, especially for online shopping.
  • Only 1 SMS verification code is required for parcel pick-up. Secured by 24/7 close-circuit television

Grid size and limitation

General parcel deliver to EF Locker is limited to 3kg per parcel; and 30kg per parcel is limited for parcel deliver to the Jumbo-sized Grid.


Grid size:

Grid         Grid size (cm)
Jumbo*    45 x 87 x 35
Large       45 x 31 x 35
Medium  45 x 20 x 35
Small       45 x 9 x 35

* Jumbo-sized Grid is only available for designated locations, please click here for more details.


User's guide

  1.       Touch the screen and get started.
  2.       Press the ‘Pick Up’ button
  3.       Follow the instruction and enter the 6-digit verification code from the SMS
  4.       The Grid door will be opened automatically
  5.       Take out the parcel
  6.       Please close the grid door in order to finish the entire process


Products and Service charges (Domestic Delivery) - E-com

4 solution plans are provided to meet different needs, some of the solutions are charged according to parcel quantity#



Weight, size limit


SF courier collect delivery from door
→ Receiver collect at Locker

Limit 3kg



Customer self-arrange delivery to Logistic Hub

→ Receiver collect at Locker

Limit 3kg



S.F. Center / Store drop off
→ Receiver collect at Locker

 Limit 2kg

SF Medium-sized bag


Collect delivery from shipper’s district
→ Receiver collect at Locker
(Flash Event will be launched on irregular basis)

Limit 3kg


# All delivery in accordance with SF Express standard specifications


Contact Us

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Telephone: 3525 0888
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For Terms and Conditions of Carriage, please click here.