SF Travel Wi-Fi Router Rental Service

Service Profile

To boost consumers' shopping initiative, S.F. Express devotes to cultivate customer-oriented market. At this stage, we are in cooperation with GWiFi Limited to offer convenient WiFi router rental service to customers with the assistance of SF Stores' geographical advantage. We aim at providing beneficial service for tourists and businessmen. 

Customers could enjoy the rental service dynamically whereas businessmen would expand the customer base by offering intimate products and service.  It is not only exposing the service in the market, the co-operation would also strengthen the promotion and businessmen positioning.  Mass consumers could have the realization on the products or service.


Value Added Service 

  • Stock management
  • Data analysis report 
  • System Integration/customized platform for operations 
  • Mutual market promotion

For more details of SF Travel WiFi Router Rental Service, you are welcome to contact our customer representative at (852) 2541 2542.