Gift Redemption Service

Service Profile

To enhance consumers’ purchasing power effectively, part of credit card companies and retailers offer various stamp and bonus point programs to draw the attraction. In response to enterprises’ business needs, SF storestake its advantages in logistics and geographical coverage (especially in remote area) to build up tailor-made redemption service for clients’ different needs in different industries:

  • Elimination of operation process

Integrated chain of service from warehouse to redemption service will be offered by SF stores which could save operating cost and extra resources investment; market exposure would be increased at the same time.

  • Market exposure enhancement for enterprises

Involvement in mutual promotion (i.e. festival event promotion) could effectivelyraise brand awareness.

  • Cater to diverse business needs

S.F. Express is willing to advise custom-made redemption service solutions for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements from both enterprises and end customers.

  • Improvement of customers’ experience

As long as SF stores broaden geographical coverage, including commercial and residential area, customers could enjoy convenient and premium gift redemption service.


General Redemption Service

The service is mainly for clients, especially in banks and household goods suppliers as one of the marketing promotions. After registration, consumers can visit assigned SF stores at specific time for redemption, which can lower operating cost and simultaneously, strengthen the convenience of service.


Group Purchasing Redemption Service

In co-operation with group purchasing clients, SF stores are here to offer efficient self-pick up service to their end customers. Extended business hours also allow clients and their customers to arrange redemption effortlessly.


S.F. Express would offer the below extraordinary experience:

  • Freezers and chilled fridgesare prepared in SF stores that would help to fit in with your products’ needs
  • Provision of varied gift redemption services for instance, gift forwarding, gift packaging service and retailing service etc.
  • Numerous promotion channels help in developing professional brand image
  • Enormous resources support for IT system unification with enterprises
  • Extended business hours enable customers for flexible redemption arrangement specially for office workers


Through series of guaranteed service, enterprises and customers would save human resources and operating costs. Meanwhile, enterprises can enhance and utilize their resources efficiently,and customers are enjoying a qualified shopper experience.


Value Added Service

  • Inventory control service
  • Gift sorting service
  • Special verification service for coupons
  • Clearing of coupons (recycle and stock-take)
  • Redemption status analysis report
  • System Integration service


For more details of gift redemption service, you are welcome to contact our customer representative at (852) 2541 2542.

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