Materials Storage and Supply Service

Service Profile

To achieve fulfillment in repair and maintenance market, S.F. Express is on the basis of customers’ practical needs to customize one-stop solution, including but not limited to component and equipment storage service. Frontline staff could pick up and return the required components intensively through the district SF store for satisfying the performance pledge. With the brand new business model, other than pleasing frontline workers, needs for regional distribution, maintenance and installment could also be met which saves the operating cost in a great extent. 

Logistics Flow


S.F. Express promises to offer you the most convenient service:

  • Flowing inventory managementallows you to fulfill regional repair and maintenance needs with ease
  • Through system integration, both parties could have compact monitoring on stock level
  • Identity verification service would help to enhance safety and security


Value added service

  • Materials sorting service
  • Returning service
  • Date analysis report
  • Special operation for high value product


For more details of materials storage and supply service, you are welcome to contact our customer representative at (852) 2541 2542.

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