Return and Repair Service

Service Profile

Considerable amount of enterprises offer comprehensive after-sale service to manage the customer loyalty towards its products and brand. The huge regional network of SF stores mainly offer retrieve service for electronic products such as mobile phone and laptop. Enterprises could focus on repairing, reproducing and components retrieving so that end users could enjoy the superior return and repair service in short time.


Achieve Multi-Wins Relationship

Customers could directly enjoy the return and repair service via SF stores to reduce thesafety and timeliness problems generated by passive waiting. Other than saving awaiting time for repairing, enterprises could have a better control on operating costs and time effectiveness while enhancing service efficiency and quality.


Value Added Service

  • Inspection service (check whether there is damage on product and the invoice is completed)
  • Special packaging service
  • Data analysis report
  • System integration
  • Dedicated brand counter service


For more details of return and repair service, you are welcome to contact our customer representative at (852) 2541 2542.

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