SF Global

  • Service Introduction

    SF Global aims to fulfill the delivery needs of e-commerce business. It is an exclusive service for e-commerce customers located in Hong Kong and the United States to send shipments to Chinese Mainland.

  • Service Area

    Hong Kong and the United States

  • Target Customers

    E-commerce customers (with 500 or above shipments per month) 

  • Freight

    Hong Kong > Chinese Mainland


     • Initial chargeable weight: HKD 41/kg


     • Additional weight:HKD 26/kg


     • Transit time: 7-9 days


    US > Chinese Mainland


     • Initial chargeable weight: USD 6/lbs


     • Additional weight:USD 5/lbs


     • Transit time: 7-12 days

  • Notice for Use

    •  Full waiver of Fuel Surcharge is granted on all shipments. S.F. Express reserves the right to impose the Fuel Surcharge without prior notice.


    •  For Terms and Conditions of Carriage, please click here.

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