EC-Ship (Personal Shipment Service)
  • Service Introduction

    EC-Ship (Personal Shipment Service) offers exclusive express services to traders for sending personal items to expand their online business in Mainland China at a lower cost.

  • Delivery Time

    6-8 days

  • Service Area

    Hong Kong or Macau → Mainland China

  • Freight

    Southern China:


    • For the first 2kg: HKD58


    • Rates per subsequent 0.5kg: HKD13


    Out of Southern China:


    • For the first 2kg: HKD68


    • Rates per subsequent 0.5kg: HKD14


    • Fuel Surcharge is waived for this service

  • Parcel Classification



    200cm x 80cm x 70cm or below


    Content Limitation: 


    Only personal postal articles under the China Customs Regulations is accepted (e.g. Clothings, handbags, watches)

  • Notice for Use

    • Please Click Here for the detail of terms and conditions of EC-Ship.


    • Please click herefor Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

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