Secured Express Service

  • Service Introduction

    Return Proof of Delivery Service allows customer as sender may request the receiver to return documents without consuming another Standard Delivery Service, which lowers the cost of documents delivery and offer higher flexibility to your time management.

  • Service Area

    • Hong Kong to Hong Kong


    • Macau to Macau 

  • Transit Time

    0.5-1 day (Extra 0.5-1 day for remote areas)

  • Service Details

    Document within 0.5 kg 

  • Charges

    HKD/MOP 10 per shipment

  • Parcel Classification

    √ Cost Saving –Only HKD10 for each shipment, 55% lower on freight charge comparing to Standard Delivery Service


    √ Time Efficient –Sender may request the receiver to return documents while sending out shipment, which smoothen the delivery process

  • Notice for Use

    For Terms and Conditions of Carriage, please click here.

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