QR Waybill, Easy Delivery

Promotion Period : 17.May.2018 - 31.Dec.2018

We proudly present you the QR waybill to improve your parcel delivery experience. From now on, forget about finding a pen or doing any hand-writing exercise, all you need is a smart phone or a tablet to start your shipment order. 


5 easy steps, brand new experience:

  1. Scan Waybill QR code
    With any smartphone or tablet, scan the QR code printed on the QR Waybill
  2. Log in
    Simply input your mobile number to log in and enjoy our personalized service
  3. Fill in information
    Key in sender’s and recipient’s information or simply choose from the address list recorded in the system previously
  4. Confirm Shipment Order
    Fill in item description, value-added services and payment method. Press “ship” to confirm
  5. Stick the QR code on your parcel
    Simply stick the QR sticker on the parcel and pass it to our S.F. staff and you are ready to go!


Brand new waybill, online access, easy shipping! Simply click here to follow the easy steps.


Now you can even upload a batch of addresses in just one go. Click here to learn more.