SF Express Tours Japan with Chinese Cross-border E-commerce Players

  • From 16-17 November, SF Express Japan participated in a tour led by the Shenzhen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association with various Chinese companies interested in cross-border e-commerce between Japan and China.


    The delegation included representatives from the food, cosmetics, infant food, and fashion industries, along with service providers such as logistics, supply chain, information technology, and e-commerce companies. SF Express, as a vice chair of the association, was represented by SF Express Japan General Manager Simon Truss, Sales Manager Taishi Toyokazu, and Corporate Planning Executive Li Jun.


    Over the two day tour, the delegation visited some of Japan’s top e-commerce companies to discuss topics related to burgeoning cross-border e-commerce trade between Japan and China.


    On the first day, the delegation visited Yamato, the largest logistics company in Japan, and its Chronogate distribution center in Haneda Airport. The members of the delegation also visited the Tokyo headquarters of Sagawa, Japan’s second largest logistics company, where executives there shared their insights about the development of cross-border e-commerce. Both Yamato and Sagawa expressed interest in strengthening mutual communication with Chinese companies and establishing partnerships in the future.


    Visiting Sagawa, Japan’s second largest logistics provider


    During the tour, SF Express Japan General Manager Simon Truss discussed the role that SF Express plays in China-Japan cross-border e-commerce. Japanese suppliers were particularly interested to learn more about SF Best food retail outlets. 


    On the second day of the tour, the Shenzhen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association partnered with the Japan E-Commerce Consultant Association (JECCICA) to co-host the Shenzhen-Tokyo Cross-Border E-Commerce Seminar, at Estore Corporation headquarters in Tokyo. JECCICA introduced the nature of its organization and engaged the delegation in an in-depth discussion about cross-border e-commerce between China and Japan.


    Forum at Estore Corporation’s Tokyo HQ


    The development of e-commerce in Japan has occurred at such a rapid rate that the market has become a major e-commerce market in the world, with its high quality products in particularly high demand in China. At the seminar, SF Express Japan General Manager Simon Truss and Corporate Planning Executive Li Jun shared their ideas about how supply chain partners can work together in Japan to build a China focused e-commerce ecosystem, in an effort to help facilitate the development of Japan-China cross-border e-commerce.


    Simon Truss and Li Jun discuss building a China-focused e-commerce ecosystem


    Discussion between buyers, sellers, and supply chain partners on how to make things simpler and more transparent


    This e-commerce tour not only enhances communications and understanding between Chinese and Japanese companies, but also lays the foundation for the co-operations between both parties. SF Express hopes that it can continue to contribute to the future development of China-Japan cross-border e-commerce.


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