International Oversize and Overweight Shipping
Service Introduction

The Oversize and Overweight Shipping value-added service is designed for customers who possess a need to send oversize and/or overweight shipments from China to Japan. SF Express will charge appropriate fees in order to ensure that it can allocate resources accordingly, as well as ensure that shipments can reach their respective destinations safely and on time. 

Applicable Services

International Standard Express, International Economy Express 

Service Coverage Network

Shipment Pick-Up Coverage:Southern China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Fujian, and Jiangxi provinces)

Shipment Delivery Coverage: Japan


SF Express will charge an additional International Oversize and Overweight Shipping Services Fee, which is fixed at 260 RMB per package.


  1. ackages are deemed Oversize and/or Overweight if they meet the following dimensions:

              a) Oversize Shipments

                 i. 200cm < length ≤ 250cm

                 ii. 80cm < width ≤ 150cm

                 iii. 70cm < height ≤ 150cm

              b) Overweight Shipments

                 i. 50kg< weight ≤ 130kg

  1. For overweight and/or oversize consignments with multi-piece shipments under one waybill, SF Express will collect surcharge fees only for shipments that are overreach the overweight and oversize standards.
Payment Methods

The method of payment is dependent upon the designated freight payment method (paid by shipper, paid by receiver, or paid by third party)