The SF International Forum Stops in Seoul for the First Time

  • The SF International Forum Stops in Seoul for the First Time


    On November 16th, 2017, SF Express’s International Business Unit held its Key to E-Commerce 2017 forum, which took place at the Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel and was part of a series of events held under the SF International Forum.



    As the SF International Forum made its second stop in Seoul (the first stop was Kuala Lumpur), SF Express invited a series of Chinese e-commerce experts and Korean e-commerce merchants to share their insights on the use of new media channels in Chinese e-commerce marketing, and the growth of cross-border e-commerce between South Korea and China. Additionally, some experts dispensed advice for Amazon sellers and merchants. As the host of the forum, SF Express’s International Business Unit brought its own experts in cross-border logistics to participate alongside various industry experts and 60 other Korean companies, discussing e-commerce opportunities in both China and Southeast Asia. Turnout for the forum was high, and government representatives overseeing the Korean cross-border e-commerce industry were also present to express their support. 


    SF Express Korea head Kim Kyung Jong makes an introduction to the SF International Forum

    Mr. Zhirong Ye, a leading expert from China e-commerce media platform, also shared his experiences dealing with Chinese cross-border e-commerce import regulations and innovative online marketing strategies.


    Chinese e-commerce expert Mr. Zhirong Ye demonstrates the power of social marketing in e-commerce

    Director of Global Sales & Business Development Matthew Wong introduced SF Express’s China B2C Total Solution, which provides a comprehensive set of services that includes cross-border logistics, customs clearance, and China marketing support. He also explained how SF Express is adopting an asset-light model to enter overseas markets, gradually building out local teams as each market grows, and providing customers with services that become more comprehensive over time. Additionally, Mr. Wong also discussed SF Express’s innovative “online-to-offline” grocery chain, SF Best, which combines online ordering with local store procurement to provide an integrated online/offline sales channel for customers. This business model reduces operating costs and also creates additional ways for the SF Best brand to interact with consumers, with the intent of introducing more overseas brands to the China market.


    Matthew Wong from SF Express introduces cross-border logistics solutions

    Korean e-commerce experts Moon-Sung Kim from WISA and Myung-Geun Lee from Frontier Edu were also present to discuss the difficulties and obstacles that Korean cross-border trading companies regularly face on Amazon’s e-commerce platform. They discussed how different keywords can be used to optimize product visibility on the platform.


    Amazon expert Myung-Geun Lee discusses the difficulties of operating a cross-border business on Amazon


    Korean e-commerce expert Moon-Sung Kim shares his experiences running a business in Southeast Asia



    Trilingual translators handle discussions in Mandarin, Korean, and English

    This time the SF International Forum provided a platform for cross-border businesses to exchange ideas with each other, allowing everyone to come away with new insights and perspectives.

    For more details on the forum, please contact the SF Korea service hotline at 02 2657 87971 or reach us at