Exemption of Registered Fees for SF E-Parcel (Ukraine Flow) Assists E-commerce Retailers in Snatching the Ukrainian Market

  • As Chinese cross-border online retailers are gaining a firm foothold in Russia, more and more acute sellers cast their spotlight on Ukraine, the e-commerce market second only to Russian in the Eastern Europe.

    E-commerce Goes Crazy in Ukraine with the Highest Annual Growth Rate in Europe

    Ukraine is an agricultural and heavy industrial country with less developed light industry. Therefore, sectors like footwear, textile, ready-made clothing and electronics are relying on import. In addition, retail business in Ukraine is slump. Many Ukrainian prefer shopping online if they want to buy goods for everyday consumption.According to research data of the ECOMMERCE EUROPE, online retail of Ukraine in 2015 increased by 35% compared to that of 2014 with the growth rate ranking the 1st in Europe.

    (Data source: ECOMMERCE EUROPE)

    Snatch the Ukraine Market with Cross-border Logistics Channels

    Compared with the fast developing e-commerce, logistics is the weak point of cross-border e-commerce market in Ukraine. To snatch the e-commerce market in Ukraine, besides understanding the national conditions of Ukraine well, it is also crucial to select logistics partners with guaranteed quality and high reputation.

    SF International launched the SF E-Parcel (non registered/registered) and SF E-Parcel+ to Ukraine respectively in 2014 and 2016to meet the cross-border logistics demands for small parcels under 2KG containing garments and 3C products, and large parcels above 2KG and under 70KG containing furniture and household appliance.

    For Ukrainian online retailers, SF E-Parcel (registered) can be tracked during the whole process; while SF E-Parcel+ provides SMS Delivery Notification and changes of delivery time service upon request from the buyers or sellers. The stable transit time and customized services enable SF International to be the prioritized logistics service provider recommended by e-commerce platforms such as Aliexpress and WISH.

    Time-limited Special Offer: No Registered Fees for SF E-Parcel (Registered) to Ukraine

    Currently, registered fees for SF E-Parcel to Ukraine are exempted. Sellers can save RMB 6.8 per shipment.

    According to notification on Aliexpress, from February 7, 2017, the logistics policies will be upgraded comprehensively. All orders that are bound for Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus shall not be delivered with economic logistics services. This means that parcels delivered on Aliexpress bound for these two countries can only use registered mode instead of non-registered one. The SF E-Parcel to Ukraine with no registered fee will help Aliexpress sellers save logistics cost, enhance commodity competitiveness and prepare for the 3.28 promotion.


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