Notice on Handling Charges Collected for SF International E-Parcel (Ordinary Mail) to Russia

  • Dear Customers,


    Starting from 00:00 a.m. December 26 (parcel weighing time), 2016, SF will collect additional handling charges at a rate of RMB 2.4/shipment for E-Parcel (Ordinary Mail) shipments from Mainland of China to Russia and HKD 3/shipment for E-Parcel (Ordinary Mail) shipments from Hong Kong to Russia. The original freight rates thereof remain unchanged and no discount is applicable to such handling charges.

    For E-Parcel (Ordinary Mail) shipments from Mainland of China and Hong Kong to other countries, the original rates remain unchanged, which means that rates before discount for E-Parcel (Ordinary Mail) shipments to other 9 Eastern and Northern European countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Sweden and Norway) remain unchanged and no handling charge will be collected. For E-Parcel (Ordinary Mail) shipments to flow directions other than Eastern and Northern European countries, the rates before discount and the handling charges remain unchanged.

    For more details and the latest discounts, please contact local SF sales or dial the customer service hotline for international business 9533883.

    Thank you for your attention and please pass this message to others.

    Thank you for your long-term support to and trust in SF International and We will make more efforts in ensuring high and stable service quality.

    SF International