Our Advantages

  1. COLLECTION - Convenient door-to-door delivery service
  2. TRANSPORTATION –China-Russia direct charter flight,  safe, cost-effective and timely transportation
  3. TRACK & TRACE - Full tracking information to Russia for non-registered mail
  4. SERVICE - Flexible financial settlement and professional Chinese-Russian customer service


For more information, please call:

Standard Express、Economy Express CS hotline:95338-8-3;

Pre-sales contact:

Shipping URL in Russia: b2c.trackmeeasy.com

QQ: 1625 4992 07

Telephone (pre-sales): + 86 755-3639 4383

Email (pre-sales): sfgjdxz@sf-express.com


Russian CS hotline:+88005056318

Russian CS Email:RUCS@sf-express.com;