Registered Mail

Russia Express Service guarantees a precise transit time, favorable prices, quality service, and safe transit of goods all tailored to the demands of e-commerce customers.

国家列表     Country 配送服务费Freight Charge
挂号服务费Register Fee
首重Initial Weight
俄罗斯(Russia) 108 6.8  5g
立陶宛(Lithuania) 107 6.8 10g
拉脱维亚(Latvia) 107 6.8 10g
爱沙尼亚(Estonia) 107 6.8 10g
芬兰(Finland) 107 6.8 50g
挪威(Norway) 160 6.8 50g
瑞典(Sweden) 107 6.8 50g
白俄罗斯(Belarus) 107 6.8 10g
乌克兰(Ukraine) 107 2.5 10g
波兰(Poland) 96 6.8 50g



  1. The total dimension of goods length + width + high shall not exceed 90 cm. The maximum length can't exceed 60 cm; maximum weight shall not exceed 2 kg.
  2. Delivery service:

     Country To mail box To post office, self-pickup by receivers
    Belarus * *
    Russia   *
    Estonia * Only for parcels no thicker than 2cm *
    Finland   *
    Lithuania * *
    Latvia * *
    Norway   *
    Poland * *
    Sweden   *
    Ukraine   *

    Notes: 1) Mark * means service available. Mail box is preferred in the regions which “To mail box” Service is available. Receivers can also self-pick up the shipment at post office when “To post office” is chosen.
    2) In Estonia, parcels no thicker than 2 cm can be sent to mail box, while receivers need to pick up at post office for these oversized.

  3. Fuel surcharges will be exempted. S.F. Express reserves the right to collect fuel surcharges without prior notification.
  4. The above-mentioned freight charges don't include remote area fees and special handling charges.
  5. The freight charges for international shipments (inbound or outbound) don't include any government tax fees.
  6. Item is charged either based on actual weight.
  7. For more detail about quotation, please visit S.F.'s official website.