How much does it cost to send a greeting card to Mars?

An English five-year-old boy named Oliver Giddings, is a huge fan of the outer space. He is obsessed with everything about it. He dreams about being an astronaut when he grows up. With Christmas approaching, Oliver was struck with an idea; He would like to send a Christmas card to Mars. However, he didn’t know how much would it cost. Oliver set about writing a letter to the British Royal Mail, asking about the postal fee. The question surprised the British Royal Mail and they turned to NASA for an answer. In the end, NASA replied that the postal fee would cost approximately 11,602 Pounds (around USD18,000). The British Royal Mail replied to Oliver and informed him the fee of sending a card to Mars and explained in detail the reason for the high price: sending a card to Mars will need a spacecraft, the fuel is costly and the storage cost is high due to the limited space of the spacecraft. Although Oliver wasn’t able to achieve his wish in the end, he was very contented and thankful to have received a reply from the British Royal Mail. He then wrote a thank you letter to both the Royal Mail and NASA for their detailed explanation.

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