Scheduling Free Door-to-Door Pickup

Our courier will collect your shipment and provide door-to-door service after you placed the order. 

Please check if your destination address is in our Service Coverage Enquiry.

Our courier will verify the following items before collecting your shipment: 

  1. Whether your shipment is properly packed.
  2. Whether your shipment's contents comply with the country's laws and export/transportation requirements.
    Enquiry Here [Prohibited Items]
    Enquiry Here [Import/Export Regulations]

Order Placement

S.F. Express provides you with sincere, professional, convenient and quality door-to-door service. Simply give us a call and we will be happy to attend to your queries!

Call our Customer Service Hotline at 1800 311 1111 to place your order:

  • To schedule a pickup, press 1
  • To check your shipment's status, press 3
  • To provide feedback and suggestions, press 4

Shipment Preparation

S.F. Express offers you envelopes and boxes at no extra cost! You can request for supplies when you arrange for pickup service. It is essential that you choose the right packing materials based on your package's size and weight, to prevent damage to your goods during transit. All items must be packed appropriately for shipping and original shipping cartons or equivalents are recommended.

Remember to leave your parcel unsealed so the courier can perform a security check on the contents.

Waybill Preparation

In order for your shipment to reach the correct location, the S.F. air waybill should be filled out completely (and for all parcels – 3 copies of the commercial invoice and/or appropriate licenses should be included), and the goods should be declared in detail. If the commercial invoice is attached, the content of the air waybill should match with the content of the commercial invoice.

Shipment Tracking

Our system will start tracking your shipment once your pick-up is made. You have several options to track your shipment.

  1. Online Tracking
  2. Customer Service Hotline at 1800 311 1111
  3. S.F. EZ-Go

Proof of Delivery 

The consignee is required to sign the waybill upon receipt of shipment. The signed waybill will be uploaded to our system on the same day.