S.F. Economy Express

Service Introduction

SF Economy Express is an economical option for shipping heavy shipments which are not time-sensitive. You can enjoy reliable door to door delivery from S.F. Express at lower rates without compromising on quality. The transit time is stable and relatively longer than Worldwide Express. You can track your shipments via S.F. EZ-GO mobile app or through our website once the pickup is made.


For full information on SF Economy Express please contact our Customer Service Agents at 1800 311 1111。


Transit Time

Destinations Transit Time
Eastern, Southern, and Northern China 3-6 Business Days
Rest of mainland China 4-7 Business Days
Hong Kong 2-3 Business Days
Macau 2-3 Business Days
Taiwan 3 Business Days
South Korea 4-6 Business Days
Malaysia 3-4 Business Days
Japan 4-6 Business Days
United States 4-6 Business Days
Brazil 7-8 Business Days
Chile 7-8 Business Days
New Zealand 4-6 Business Days
Brunei 3-5 Business Days
Bangladesh 5-7 Business Days
Sri Lanka 4-6 Business Days
Pakistan 4-6 Business Days
Philippines 5-7 Business Days
United Arab Emirates 5-7 Business Days
4 European Countries 1 10-12 Business Days
 9 European Countries 2 5-8 Business Days
15 European Countries 3 8-10 Business Days


1. Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia  

2. United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta.

3. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.


*The above transit time refer to the local time at destination.

*The transit times [as provided herein] are for reference only, these are not guaranteed and do not form part of contract. Actual delivery time may vary as a result of the kind of commodity, declared value, regulations and requirements of governmental authorities at destination or the actual circumstances of the case.  All information provided on the S.F. website shall be applicable to the Terms and Conditions as stipulated overleaf the S.F.'s waybill.

* For shipments weighing over 100kg, the transit time will be 2 days longer as formal customs declaration and enhanced transportation capacity are needed.

* Personal/B2C/C2C shipments may require additional days.

Service Standard

Destination Volume Weight Declared Value per Shipment

100*60*60 (CM)

20 KG Maximum declared value is AUD 1,000
Bangladesh 120*80*70 (CM) 30 KG None
Brazil 200*80*70 (CM) 32 KG None
Brunei 150*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
Cambodia 140*70*70 (CM) 50 KG None
    Canada Length + 2*Width + 2*Height < 365 (CM) or longest side ≤244 (CM)          30 KG              None
Chile 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
China (Mainland) 200*80*70 (CM) 80 KG None
Hong Kong 200*80*70 (CM) 80 KG None
India 200*80*70 (CM) 30 KG None
Indonesia 200*80*70 (CM)



Japan 200*80*70 (CM) 50 KG None
Macau 200*80*70 (CM) 80 KG None
Malaysia 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
Mexico 200*80*70(CM) 70 KG None
Mongolia 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
Myanmar 100*70*70 (CM) 30 KG None
New Zealand 150*80*70 (CM) 30 KG None
Pakistan 150*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
Philippines 150*80*70 (CM) 25 KG None
Singapore 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
South Korea 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
Sri Lanka 150*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
Taiwan 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
Thailand 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
United Arab Emirates 200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG None
United States  200*80*70 (CM) 70 KG The declared value shall not exceed USD 5,000 (in the case of monthly settlement accounts), or USD 2,500 (in the case of cash settlement customers).  
Vietnam 200*120*120 (CM) 70 KG None
UK & EU Length + Width + Height ≤ 300 (CM) or longest side ≤175 (CM) 30 KG Maximum declared value is EUR 13,000


Prohibited / Restricted Items

Some commodities may be prohibited or restricted in countries of destination, please refer to the regulations and requirements of local customs authorities for details. Alternatively, you may contact our Customer Service Agents at 1800 311 1111 for further clarifications.


Service Coverage

The service coverage of origin and destination is same as that of International Express. Please click here for more information.