SF Singapore accepts WeChat Pay! Special discount available now!

Promotion Period : 10.Jul.2017 - 31.Aug.2017

S.F. Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd is co-operating and accepting WeChat Pay as a payment method for shipping charges. By working with Tencent-authorized local payment company FOMO PAY as intermediary agent, SF is introducing a more convenient one-stop payment service.


Why Using WeChat Pay

1、Payment safety: Pay through mobile phone without carrying cash. Easy to track payment records and daily bills control.

2、Convenience: Activate WeChat Pay Service and scan your personal QR-Code to pay.  

3、Quick process: shipper/consignee agrees with the shipping charge, courier enters that amount and scan the customers personal QR-code on WeChat, then the payment will be completed instantly through the WeChat Pay Wallet.

4、Possibility of paying in Chinese currency (SGD shipping cost can be paid in Chinese RMB): Customers who can pay through WeChat Pay can use Chinese currency for paying shipping charges that are originally calculated in SGD. WeChat will settle the payment base on exchange rate of that day.

(Please note: shipping charges provided by SF courier are calculated in SGD, when customers use WeChat Pay for payment, the shipping charge will be convert to RMB automatically by WeChat based on current exchange rate. Due to the change of exchange rate, the shipping cost for the same products with the same weight and the same shipping route, but with different shipping time might be different.)


Ship with SF Express, Use Wechat pay, Enjoy 10% off discount!

From 10 July 2017 to 31 August 2017, customers in Singapore who use WeChat Pay to pay shipping charges can enjoy 10% OFF discount!

Terms & Conditions

  •   Each customer can enjoy the 10% off discount twice a month.
  •   Each customer can enjoy up to 50 RMB OFF discount for a single shipment.
  •   In case of refund, only the actual payment amount will be return with discount amount excluded.
  •   All rights are reserved by S.F. Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

Enjoy the special offer and convenience jointly provided by S.F. Express and WeChat now!

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