Useful Forms

Please fill in the downloaded form and Fax to us.

NumberDownload FormsOperation
1 Special service agreements
2 Simply Export declaration form
3 Formal export declaration form
4 Invoice
5 Packing List
6 Credit Account Application form
7 Credit Account basic information amendment form
8 Credit Account financial information amendment form
9 Notification of Termination of Credit account
10 Special Monthly Account Application Form
11 Pickup Service Authorization Form (Chinese Mainland)
12 Pickup Service Authorization Form (Hong Kong)
13 Pickup Service Authorization Form (Macau)
14 Power of Attorney (Export)
15 Power of Attorney (Import)
16 Long Term Power of Attorney
17 Foreign goods re-export affidavit
18 Import declaration checklist & Service payment agreement
19 Aviation Security Declaration
20 Export declaration & Service payment agreement
21 The COA agreement of delivering to Chinese Mainland outsourcing area