Prohibited Items-Road

Overland Transportation Cargo
Items prohibited for overland transportation by laws
Article1 Deadly poison and infectious materials of all kinds, such as pesticides, thallium, cyanide, arsenic, and tear bomb, etc.;
Article2 Narcotics and psychotropic drugs of all kinds, such as drugs, opium (including the opium poppy shell, flower, bud, leaf, etc.), morphine, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana etc.;
Article3 Items prohibited for circulation or delivery by laws, such as cultural relics, arms, ammunition, knives, imitation arms, and antiques etc.;
Article4 All kinds of newspapers, magazines, pictures, promotional materials, audio and video products, computer disks and CDs containing reactionary, obscene, indecent information;
Article5 Items that go against public health, such as corpses and bones, bone ash, coffins, untanned hides, and animal bones not processed with drugs, etc.;
Article6 Animals, plants and the specimens thereof;
Article7 Radioactive items and dangerous goods of all kinds, such as detonator, blasting fuse, gunpowder, explosive, and nuclear energy materials.
Items prohibited for overland transportation by regulations
All items that are explosive, flammable, toxic, and corrosive etc. and may easily cause personal injury and property damage in the process of overland transportation, loading and storage/custody are defined as prohibited items for overland transportation, mainly including:
Article1 Explosives of all kinds, such as firework products (fireworks, firecrackers, throw-down cracker, crackers etc.), fireworks paper, dry ice, gas lighter, gas stove, and gas tank;
Article2 Gas, powder (regardless of color), paste (such as toothpaste), and white crystalloid;
Article3 Flammable liquid, including gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, benzene, alcohol, paint, printing ink, and polish remover etc.;
Article4 Flammable solid, pyrophoric substances, and substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water, such as coal, rosin, paraffin, activated carbon, white phosphorus, yellow phosphorus, leinsamen, sodium metal, magnesium powder and aluminum powder etc.;
Article5 Oxidizers and organic peroxides, such as hydrogen hydroxide, sodium peroxide, calcium hypochlorite, potassium chlorate, potassium nitrate, and substances of unknown chemical compositions;
Article6 Toxic and infectious items that may easily cause poisoning or infection in the process of circulation, such as pesticide, weed killer, arsenic and its compounds, mercury and its compounds, cyanogens and its compounds, chloroform, aniline, raw lacquer, blood, urine, body fluid, bacillus anthracis, and dangerous pathogens etc.;
Article7 Corrosive solid or liquid that can erode human tissue or damage metal products, such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, glacial acetic acid, sodium hydroxide, and hydrogen peroxide;
Article8 Remove batteries before picking up/delivering electric devices.
Article9 Items restricted in overland transportation: it is stipulated to deliver no more than 2 cartons of cigarettes in a single shipment while no more than 10 bottles of wine in a single shipment.
Article10 All kinds of currencies, vehicle license plates, wood, perishable goods, gambling equipment and instruments etc.
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