Standard Express Service

Logistics can be the key to successful sales in this highly competitive, time sensitive society we live in nowadays. A professional transportation team must provide corporations with three major service elements: high efficiency, high quality and low cost while ensuring each client mission is executed safely, without error. S.F. Express understands your needs and has dedicated itself to providing service which satisfies you. Enjoy our high quality of service at economical prices, as we resolve any potential issues for you with agility, aiding you in successfully achieving corporate goals.

7 Major Reasons to Choose S.F. Express

1. Economical Pricing

Deliveries to Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau start from NT$ 90. Pay less while earning more!

2. Competitive Timing Advantage

Package deliveries to coastal and main cities in Chinese Mainland take only 1 to 2 days. Our extensive air resources and land transportation network ensure timely delivery of your packages.

3. Comprehensive Self-Operated Network

Have you ever had the issue of not being able to obtain transport information regarding your packages? S.F. Express’s professional carrier and state of the art information technology equipment keeps tabs on your shipment status from receipt all the way until your shipment reaches its destination. Of course, this also ensures the security of your shipments.

4. Extended Cut-off Time of 18:00 on Workdays, Far Later than the Market Norm

We know that you need more ample time to prepare emergency shipments for last-minute plans, which is why we are willing to work harder in order to ensure that your packages arrive on schedule

5. Volumetric weight Discounts for Greater Rate Savings

S.F. Express’ air delivery volumetric weight is calculated by L x W x H (cm) ÷ 6,000. When compared to others in the industry who divide volume by 5,000, we save you 20% on volumetric weight for your deliveries, which is unbeatable!

6. Diverse Value-Added Services

When utilizing S.F. Express’ delivery services, you can enjoy relevant value-added services according to your needs, such as: obtaining images of signed delivery orders, printed set delivery orders, Saturday delivery, pickup service authorization, customs services, warehousing services, cash on delivery and more.